About Neesha Williams – Babywearing Expert for Over 10 Years

Hey there! I’m Neesha Williams, a babywearing educator, mom of three, and founder of Beauty With Neesha. I’m so glad you stopped by!

Neesha Williams

I’ve been helping families with babywearing for over 10 years now. As a busy mom myself, I know firsthand how babywearing can be a total game-changer for parents. It lets you keep your little one close while staying hands-free to chase after older kids, get stuff done around the house, and live your life!

My babywearing journey started when I was pregnant with my first child. A friend suggested I try babywearing, so I bought a stretchy wrap. I instantly fell in love! Having my newborn snuggled close in that wrap was such an amazing feeling. And it made it possible for me to care for my older kids too.

As I got more into babywearing, I became really interested in wrapping techniques and safety. I learned how to use all kinds of wraps, ring slings, and structured carriers with my son that first year. My wrapping skills improved so much, and I also gained a ton of knowledge about proper baby positioning and ergonomics.

After my second and third babies came along, babywearing became an essential part of my mom’s toolkit! By then, I was a total babywearing pro. I could breastfeed on the go, chase after my toddler, and calm my fussy newborn—all thanks to my trusty baby carrier.

I got so passionate about babywearing that I became a certified educator in 2015. I absolutely loved teaching new parents all about babywearing safety and benefits. Seeing their excitement when they mastered a back-wrap carry or got their baby to sleep in a ring sling was priceless.

I also started hosting local babywearing meet-ups for parents to connect and learn together. We’d do carrying demos, troubleshoot issues, and just talk about our favorite carriers and positions. It was so rewarding to build that village of babywearing friends.

After a few years of teaching classes and workshops, I was ready to take my expertise to the next level. So in 2023, I opened Beauty With Neesha, a babywear mom’s guide blog, to directly make mom’s life easier.

As the owner and lead babywearing consultant, I help match parents with the perfect carrier for their needs. Safety and a proper fit are my top priorities. My shop carries over 30 top babywear brands, from wraps to soft-structured carriers.

On top of running beauty  with Neesha, I continue teaching babywearing classes all around my community. I offer private in-home consultations too. My goal is to make babywearing accessible to all families, regardless of income or background. Because I truly believe that worn babies are happier babies!

Between my decade of babywearing experience, teaching workshops worldwide, and fitting thousands of families with carriers, I’ve developed some major babywearing expertise! But I’m always learning too—taking new training classes and connecting with babywearing educators everywhere. It’s a passion that just keeps growing.

And as a fellow parent, I can definitely relate to the challenges of caring for little ones. So if you ever have any babywearing questions or issues, I’m here to help! Reach out anytime. I absolutely love empowering parents on their babywearing journeys.

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Neesha Williams ~ Founder Beauty With Neesha